Sunday, August 29, 2010

First pic is me pulling the coop with the tractor as the chickens follow to new space. I usually move them once or twice every other week. I usually move them when they are out of food and its time to load up the back again with chicken feed. Just saves time doing all at once.

Second pic is of our chicken with her chicks. She has now left the poor things to fend for themselves but they R much older now and can fly up to the rabbit cage where I trained them to sleep. The mom is back in the coop now with the other chickens.

She started pecking at one for no reason the runt of the litter so took her and put her with the other brooder hen. Worked out great the other mother adopted her and is still with her chicks and they are very large now.

Even with 90' -100' heat the chickens R still laying up a storm. I plan to do a egg run this Monday or Tuesday to SA. With the egg scare I am doing really well on my sales.
I have noticed an increase of egg sales via craigslist it’s nice to know that more people this year R getting into having chickens in their yard/homestead :)