Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow day for the chickens

Awhile ago we got a bit of snow for South Texas which is very rare for us. The last time I remembered it snowed I was a teenager and we got about inch of snow. This time it was just enough for my son to make a mini snowman and throw snow balls at the cats.

My farm animals including my chickens didnt think much of it as they came outside. There main goal was to get water and run to their favorite hunting grounds as soon as I opened up the coop door.

Of course their water was frozen solid & I couldnt break it, any hot water I added just stayed for a bit b4 it got frozen solid again.

It was pretty seeing the snow, but I am a sun worshiper so I was happy also to see it go and back to my warm weather. Surprising enough my chickens really didnt think nothing of it and layed a whole bunch of eggs that day.


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